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Supporting the Legal Profession Through Wellness

Wellness Programs & CLE Courses for Firms, Lawyers & Law Students

Committed to a new vision of what it means to live the life of a lawyer.

Our industry is in a wellness crisis.

  • Long hours
  • Client pressures
  • A poor public image
  • A constantly changing paradigm
  • Internal & external competitiveness
  • Chronic stress
  • On the go nutrition
  • Work-life conflict


  • 45% report depression
  • 36% report alcohol dependence
  • 19% report anxiety
  • 11.5% report suicidal ideation
  • Decrease in quality of work
  • Increased substance abuse
  • Lack of mental clarity and energy to analyze
  • Diminished memory & problem solving abilities
  • Complete burnout

With mental health as the leading cause of workplace disability,  Policy statements alone are not shifting the culture we’ve created. These results are incompatible with a sustainable legal profession. The cost of lawyer impairment is too great to ignore.

Our Programs

Specifically tailored to the unique needs of the legal profession

It’s time to actively implement ways to improve both personal and business lives.

To equip ourselves and colleagues with the blueprints to reduce stress and make health a priority.

Wellness education is an investment in your firm, yourself and your future.

Our Programs focus on meaningful and practical ways to reduce lawyer distress and enhance well-being.

  • CLE Courses
  • Onsite Lunch & Lecture Series (*CLE available)
  • Firm Wellness Programs
  • Onsite Wellness Workshops
  • CLE Accredited Wellness Immersion Retreats
  • Corporate Wellness Consulting
  • Breakroom Interventions
  • Women In Law Wellness Programs
  • Law Student Well-Being Seminars
  • Conference & Workshop Speakers

Proactive Instead of Reactive

We have the capacity to create a BETTER FUTURE for our lawyers by taking action TODAY!

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    William Coffield

    Top Rated White Collar Crimes Attorney in Washington, DC
    Criminal & Civil Litigation
    Export Controls and Sanctions
    Government / Regulatory
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    Kristen Coffield

    Author. Speaker. Culinary Disruptor.
    Creator of The Culinary Cure


    This combined expertise offers a complete approach to wellness for Occupational, Intellectual, Emotional, Social, Physical and Spiritual well-being led by the unique insight of a top law professional.

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